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🛍️ Insights from a new study analyzing top U.S. podcasts

💼 Gary Vaynerchuk's advice on the real reason to have a podcast

🔗 Road Trippin’ podcast joining JJ Redick’s podcast network

💼 Steven Bartlett’s “The Diary of a CEO” now available on Samsung TV Plus

🎧 Top podcast recommendations for your weekend listening

Podcast Industry Highlights 📰

This week, we bring you the latest and most exciting developments in the podcasting world. Discover insights from a new study on what makes top podcasts successful, hear Gary Vaynerchuk's advice on leveraging podcasts for social media content, and learn about major industry shifts with Rogers Sports & Media shutting down Pacific Content. Additionally, find out about Steven Bartlett's new 24/7 channel on Samsung TV Plus and the Road Trippin' podcast joining JJ Redick’s network. Let’s dive into these dynamic updates shaping the future of podcasting!

New Study Analyzes Top 50 Podcasts in the U.S. 🌍

Data & Image Source: Podcastle & Entrepreneur.com

Podcasting is a $25 billion industry, and top podcasts have a lot in common — from length to number of episodes to cover art. A new study by software company Podcastle pinpoints these similarities to help new and seasoned podcasters have a better shot at producing a successful show. The U.S.-focused study used the Apple Podcasts charts to find the top podcasts and then studied a week's worth of data, starting April 15. Podcastle also surveyed 1,000 podcast listeners to add to the findings.

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Gary Vee Reveals Podcasting Secrets on The Skinny Confidential 💼

In a recent episode of The Skinny Confidential, a Dear Media Podcast, Gary Vaynerchuk, popularly known as Gary Vee, shared valuable insights on the true purpose of podcasting. Gary emphasized that podcasts should be leveraged for generating organic social media content rather than focusing solely on the podcast itself. This strategy, he explained, maximizes reach and engagement across multiple platforms, providing a comprehensive approach to content creation and audience growth. Do you agree with this take?

Watch the clip here

Steven Bartlett’s “The Diary of a CEO” now available on Samsung TV Plus 💼

Steven Bartlett's "The Diary Of A CEO" is now available on all Samsung TVs in the UK and The Netherlands, with more countries coming soon. You can now find a 24/7 channel dedicated exclusively to "The Diary Of A CEO" on Samsung TV Plus, the streaming service pre-installed on all Samsung Smart TVs, completely free. If you have a Samsung TV, make sure to check it out and tune in!

Road Trippin’ Podcast Joins JJ Redick’s Network 🔗

One of the longest-running NBA athlete-hosted podcasts, Road Trippin’, from Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye, and Allie Clifton, is joining JJ Redick’s ThreeFourTwo Productions. The crew announced the move on X and YouTube recently, previously under the Blue Wire umbrella.

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Rogers Sports & Media to Shut Down Pacific Content 🌐

Founded in 2014, Pacific Content has predominantly serviced U.S.-based clients like Dell, Ford Motor Company, Morgan Stanley, and Facebook. Rogers Sports & Media acquired the business in 2019. Key founders and directors have since moved on to new ventures, leading to the decision to shutter the company.

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Podcast Recommendations 🎧

This week, we're bringing you must-listen podcasts featuring in-depth conversations with top influencers and thought leaders. Dive in and get inspired by these top picks!

Gary Vaynerchuk on the Skinny Confidential

Image Source The Skinny Confidential

Listen to “The Skinny Confidential” for an insightful episode with Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as "GaryVee." Gary, a serial entrepreneur and Chairman of VaynerX, shares his expertise on marketing, branding, and the true purpose of podcasting. He discusses what companies often get wrong about building a customer base, the importance of motivation, and how to cultivate a no-excuses mindset for success. This conversation is packed with valuable takeaways for any aspiring entrepreneur or podcaster.

All In Podcast - Scarlett Johansson vs OpenAI, Nvidia's trillion-dollar problem, a vibecession

Image Source: Slate.com

Tune into the All In podcast for an engaging discussion on Scarlett Johansson's legal battle with OpenAI, the company's novel off-boarding agreements, ex-employee equity issues, and safety team resignations. Additionally, hear about Nvidia's impressive earnings and the trillion-dollar problem it faces. The episode also explores why economic sentiment is negative among US citizens despite positive broader data. This episode is packed with critical insights and updates from the tech and economic world.

F1 Driver Charles Leclerc on The Jay Shetty Podcast

Image Source: ON Purpose With Jay Shetty

Dive into Charles Leclerc's journey from karting at a young age to becoming a Ferrari driver on The Jay Shetty Podcast. Discover the pivotal moments that shaped his career, the importance of setting small, realistic goals, and his strategies for maintaining peak performance. Charles also shares valuable life lessons from his father and discusses the significance of staying humble, being grateful, and working hard. This episode offers inspiring insights from one of the top figures in Formula 1.

The Casey Adams Show with Sam Rattner - From Startup to $40M Exit at 23

Image Source: The Casey Adams Show & Listener.com

In this captivating episode of The Casey Adams Show, Sam Rattner, founder of Victory and Showroom, shares his journey of selling his first company for $40M at just 23. Sam discusses the challenges of starting a business in a regulated market, the value of taking risks early in life, and the importance of being well-prepared before pitching investors. He also talks about Showroom, a vertical-specific search engine for fashion and e-commerce, and its innovative revenue share model. Tune in to learn about the future of shopping, building relationships with partners, and Sam's unique venture of acquiring a former riverboat casino vessel.

Partner Spotlight 🌟

Partner Spotlight 🌟
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