🎙️Spotify Podcast Insights, Ronaldo in Podcasting, and Major Acquisitions

Spotify's podcast trend report, Ronaldo steps into podcasting, and top acquisitions!

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Podcast Industry Highlights 📰

This week, we've got some thrilling updates in the podcasting world that you won't want to miss. Vogue Business is launching a new podcast series, and Spotify has unveiled key global trends. Additionally, there have been major acquisitions, such as Platform Media by PodX and The Breakdown by Blockworks. Lastly, an exciting partnership between the BBC and Lemonada Media is set to bring fresh content to listeners. Let’s get into it!

Spotify Unveils Latest Global Podcast Trends 🌍

Spotify has just released its latest Global Podcast Trends Tour report, shedding light on the evolving landscape of podcasting. Key insights include:

  • Trust in Podcast Hosts: An impressive 63% of respondents reported trusting their favorite podcast host more than their favorite social media influencer, highlighting the deep connection and credibility that podcasters have cultivated with their audiences.

  • Surge in Video Podcast Streams: On a global scale, the average daily streams of video podcasts on Spotify have surged by 39%, showcasing the growing popularity and engagement of visual content in the podcasting world.

Additionally, the report revealed several other notable trends:

  • Gen Z's Engagement: As more Gen Zs explore becoming creators, they’re increasingly turning to podcasts to learn how to build and operate businesses. Business & Technology is one of Gen Z’s fastest-growing categories, increasing by 34% year-over-year.

  • Diverse Content Consumption: The most popular podcast categories globally include Comedy, Health & Fitness, Society & Culture, True Crime, and News. Other fast-growing categories among all Spotify users are Religion & Spirituality (+49%), Society & Culture (+23%), Arts (+22%), and Sports (+20%).

  • Cultural Impact: Major cultural moments significantly impact podcast conversations. For example, global streams of podcasts discussing Taylor Swift increased by 155% the week after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Conference Championship. Similarly, streams discussing the Grammys spiked by 733% the week after the event.

  • Interactive Tools: There’s been a 21% global increase in creators leveraging polls in their shows in 2024 compared to 2023, as podcasters use interactive tools to connect with their audience.

These insights underline the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the podcasting industry, driven by diverse content and deepening listener engagement. Read More

Vogue Business Launches New Podcast Series: The Future of Shopping 🛍️

Vogue Business is delighted to announce the launch of its latest podcast series, "The Future of Shopping," presented by Worldpay. This podcast explores the new era of shopping, covering topics like e-commerce, social commerce, Web3, and consumer shopping habits. Read more.

Platform Media Acquired by PodX in Landmark Deal 💼

Platform Media, the UK’s next-generation media company, has been acquired by global podcast group PodX. This is PodX’s largest acquisition to date and is set to be the most significant deal in the UK podcast market, with an initial valuation surpassing eight figures. Read more.

Crypto Media Company Blockworks Acquires The Breakdown 🔗

Blockworks, a media company specializing in cryptocurrency for professionals, has acquired The Breakdown, a podcast network. This marks Blockworks' first acquisition since raising private capital last May. Co-founder Jason Yanowitz stated that the acquisition significantly expands their podcast network, enhances advertising capabilities, and broadens distribution channels. The Breakdown, which includes a podcast, YouTube channel, newsletter, and the Bitcoin Builders podcast, will now be the flagship daily podcast of Blockworks. Deal terms were not disclosed. Read More

BBC Announces Global Partnership with Lemonada Media 🌐

Lemonada Media and the BBC are teaming up to launch a new international podcast series. This weekly show, hosted by veteran podcaster Aminatou Sow, will feature engaging pop culture debates. Launching this summer, it will be available on all podcast platforms and BBC Sounds. Read more.

Podcast Recommendations 🎧

This week, we're bringing you must-listen podcasts featuring in-depth conversations with top influencers and thought leaders. Enjoy insights from Cristiano Ronaldo, strategies from Robert Greene, investment tips from Gary Vaynerchuck, and the entrepreneurial journey of Marshall Haas. Dive in and get inspired by these top picks!

Cristiano Ronaldo on the WHOOP Podcast

The most followed human on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo, with over 630 million followers, was featured on the WHOOP Podcast this week. This is a huge moment for the podcasting industry, as Ronaldo discusses his journey, motivation, talent vs. work ethic, and the tools he uses to stay at the top of his game. This episode not only highlights Ronaldo's personal insights but also showcases the growing influence of podcasts in reaching a global audience. For more info, visit whoop.com/cr7.

This Past Weekend with Theo Von & Robert Greene

Robert Greene joins Theo to talk about practical ways to find your purpose, how his disillusionment (and even anger) with Hollywood led him to write about strategy and power, and the keys to seduction that anyone can employ. They also dive into Robert’s life and talk about his experiences with psychedelics, his investigatory past as a skip tracer, and his personal favorite authors and works that helped shape his worldview.

Gary Vaynerchuck on My First Million

Sam Parr and Shaan Puri chop it up with Gary Vee about which of his investments paid off the most, how much cash he keeps in the bank and what he’s noticed from hanging out with people like Logan Paul, Zuck, and MrBeast.

Marshall Haas On Never Enough with Andrew Wilkinson

Marshall Haas is the co-founder of Shepherd (now somewhere.com), who recently sold a majority stake in his company. Watch as we dive into the incredible journey from architecture to headhunting, leading to a million-dollar exit.

Jason Tartick on Beyond Influence

This week on "Beyond Influence," a new podcast from Later.com hosted by Kwame Appiah and Later.com CEO Scott Sutton, Jason Tartick shares his journey. As a Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author and host of "Trading Secrets," Jason offers insights on building a career as a creator, mastering time management, navigating industry growth, and founding Rewired Talent. He also discusses overcoming imposter syndrome and his successful book tour for "Talk Money To Me."

Partner Spotlight 🌟

We are thrilled to introduce our first partner, SkyMD, an incredible electrolyte company revolutionizing hydration and wellness. Here’s why SkyMD stands out:

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  • 💪 Nutritional Powerhouse: Unlike high sugar or salt content competitors, SkyMD provides a balanced blend of 12 vitamins and minerals, offering electrolytes and a multi-vitamin in every serving.

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